Lapela Pill d Lapela Pill think of its author as ignorant of personal love and personal loss. The notes of despair and triumph blend together here and elsewhere in this edition. Pg 159 We turn now to the Enfans d Adam, poems of sex, whose name is suggested by Whitman s outlook Lapela Pill Lapela Pill on life as on a garden of Eden, and by his conception of himself as it were a reincarnate Adam, begetter of Lapela Pill a new race of happier men. 288 These are the poems which formed the storm centre of Emerson s discussion. They celebrate the love of the body for its correlative body, the bridegroom s for the bride s and they celebrate the concern of the soul in reproduction. The proof and law of Lapela Pill all life is that it go forth from itself in fertilising power, that it beget or conceive and without this, life and love would be Lapela Pill bereft of glory. And more for Whitman broke wholly with that mysticism which Lapela Pill once saw i.n the organs of sex a deformity consequent upon man s fall he beheld them rather as the vessels of a divine communion. From this mystical view of Whitman s, Emerson would conceivably have found no reason for dissent, but the new mysticism was full blooded and m

asculine. It sprang germany niubian male enhancement alpha hgh reviews out of experience, and was in Lapela Pill no respect a substitute Lapela Pill for it. When he wrote of the body, Walt used the word mystically it is true, but he meant the body nevertheless, using the word to the full of its Lapela Pill meaning. He was very far from the abstract philosophic idealism which we usually and often unfairly associate with the transcendentalism of Lapela Pill Concord. Thoreau, for example, the Oriental dreamer, had been thrilled through by the bloody and even brutal fanaticism of John Brown. Yet Whitman s virility was different from theirs. Lapela Pill His celebration of passion was as honest and frank as Omar s praise of the vine. To him, the begetting of children seemed in itself more satisfying to the soul than any words could express. It male enhancement plastic surgery uk needed no apologist but rose out of the region of cold ethics Lapela Pill in th.e divine glow of male enhancement exercise programs its ecstatic reality. Such an attitude, it seems to me, is only possible to rock hard long and strong male enhancement a man who has known true love, and has lived a chaste and temperate life. And these poems, far from representing Pg 160 Whitman as a man of dissolute habits, indubitably afford the clearest proof, if it were needed, of his

Lapela Pill

temperance and self control but that is, happily, a matter which is Lapela Pill beyond dispute. He was not a man to seek unlawful pleasures, or to approach life s mysteries irreverently, neither was he a man to treat womanhood, even when it had covered itself with shame, with anything but the utmost gentleness and chivalry. It was in the cause of womanhood, if we can say that it was in any cause, that he wrote his poems of sex, seeking, for woman s sake, to wipe away the shame Lapela Pill that still clings about paternity. 289 The physical rites of love were beautiful to his sight and he sought to tear away the obscene draperies and skulking thoughts by Lapela Pill which they have been hidden. With this in view, he added an inventory of all the items of the flesh to his Lapela Pill poem o.f The Body Electric, 290 intended as are all his lists to make the subsequent generalisation more actual. These, he said, are the parts of the soul. For matter and mind Lapela Pill are twin aspects of the one reality, which is the soul. All knowledge comes to the soul through the senses, and if we put shame upon any function of the body we cripple something in the soul. Lapela Pill In a singu

lar phrase, 291 he declares that he will Lapela Pill be best penis growth exercises the robust husband male enhancement products for diabetics of the people rhino male enhancement manufacturer ingredients true women of America, the Lapela Pill women who await him meaning, I suppose, that through the medium of his book, he will quicken in those who are natural male enhancement fake fearless and receptive, the conception of the new Humanity. Lapela Pill He is Adam, destined to be the father of a new race, by the women who are able to receive him. Sexual imagery is rightly used in this connection, not only because it is according to mystical precedent, but because sex is the profoundest of the passions, as much spiritual as physical, and all reproductive energy is sexual. Whitman believed that until this was recognised, religion and art must remain comparatively sterile. The.question which these poems raise is far too large Pg Lapela Pill 161 and too Lapela Pill delicate for full discussion sunrise male enhancement in Lapela Pill this place. And its discussion is rendered more difficult Lapela Pill because, present as it is in most of our minds, it is in many still unripe for words. The soul knows its own needs and its own hours, and pages like these of Whitman s are not for ev