Best Enhancement Pills Male believe might sell 3,000 or 4,000 or 5,000 copies.If I had not been acquainted with the Century people I should have said that this was Best Enhancement Pills Male a deliberate attempt to take advantage of a man s ignorance and trusting nature to rob him but I do know the Century people, and therefore I know that they had no such base intentions as these, but were simply making their offer out of their boundless resources of ignorance. They were anxious to do book publishing as well as magazine publishing, and had Best Enhancement Pills Male tried one book already, but, owing to their inexperience, had made a failure of it. So I suppose they were anxious, and had made an offer which in the general s instance commended itself as Best Enhancement Pills Male reasonable and safe, showing that they were lamentably ignorant and that they utterly failed to rise to the size of the occasion. This was sufficiently shown in the remark of the head of that Best Enhancement Pills Male firm to me a few months.later, a remark which I shall refer to and quote in its proper place.I told General Grant that the Century offer was simply absurd and should not be Best Enhancement Pills Male considered for an instant.I forgot to mention that the rough draft made two propositions one at Best Enhancement Pills Male l0 per cent royalty, and the o

ther the offer of Best Enhancement Pills Male half the profits on the book, after subtracting every sort of expense connected with it, including office rent, clerk hire, advertising, and everything else, a most complicated arrangement and one which no business like author would accept in preference to a 10 per cent royalty. They manifestly regarded 10 per cent and Best Enhancement Pills Male half profits as the same thing which shows that these innocent geese expected the book to sell only 12,000 or 15,000 copies.I told the general that I could tell him exactly what he ought to male libido enhancement reviews receive that, if he accepted a royalty, it ought to be 20 per cent on the retail price of the book, or, if he preferred the partnership policy, then he ought Best Enhancement Pills Male to have 70 per Best Enhancement Pills Male cent of the profits on each volume, over and above the mere cost of making bathmate xtreme x20 that male enhancement native ads volume. I.said that if he would place these terms before the Century people they would accept them, shop extenze original formula male enhancement review but if they were afraid to accept them he would simply need to offer them to any Best Enhancement Pills Male great publishing house Best Enhancement Pills Male in Best Enhancement Pills Male the country, and not one would decline them. If any should decline them, let me have the enzyte side effects male enhancement book. I was publishing my own book, under the business name of Best Enhancement Pills Male Charles L. Webster Co., I being t

Best Enhancement Pills Male

he company, and Webster being my business man, on a salary, with a one tenth interest, and I had what I believed to be much the best equipped subscription establishment in the country.I wanted the general s book, and I wanted it Best Enhancement Pills Male very much, but I had very little expectation of getting it. I supposed that he would lay these new propositions before the Century people, that they would accept immediately, and that there the matter would Best Enhancement Pills Male end for the general evidently felt under great obligations to the Best Enhancement Pills Male Century people for saving him from the grip of poverty by paying him 1,500 for three magazine articles which were well worth 100,000, and he seemed wholly unable to free himself Best Enhancement Pills Male from.this sense of obligation whereas, to my mind, he ought rather to have considered the Century people under very high obligations to him, not only for making them a present of 100,000, but for procuring for them a great and desirable series of war articles from the other heroes of the war, which, according to Gilder, they could never have got their hands Best Enhancement Pills Male on if he had declined to write.I now went away on a long Western tour on the platform, Best Enhancement Pills Male but Webster continued to call at the general s

house and watch the progress of events.Col. Fred Grant was strongly Best Enhancement Pills Male opposed to letting the Century people have the male performance pills over the counter book, and was, monster x male enhancement at Best Enhancement Pills Male the same time, as strongly in favor of my having it.The best testosterone booster for muscle growth general s Best Enhancement Pills Male first magazine article had immediately added 50,000 names to blackcore edge pills their list of subscribers and Best Enhancement Pills Male thereby established the fact that the Century people would still have been the gainers if ejaculate amount they Best Enhancement Pills Male had paid General Grant 50,000 for the articles Best Enhancement Pills Male for the Best Enhancement Pills Male reason that they could expect to keep the most of these subscribers for several years, and, consequently, get a profit out of them in the.end of 100,000 at least.Besides this increased circulati